Chinoiserie Madness


We adore chinoiserie… Probably more than any other standard preppy southern woman that believes that monograms are God’s gift to this green earth. There’s something so prissy and fabulous about these China-like images that make you believe that tea party is suitable for any type of weather! Here is how we have incorporated these sassy designs into our everyday life:

Luggage Tags: We put these tags on absolutely EVERYTHING. Lunch boxes, suit cases, wine totes, and even coolers. We don’t always include our address or phone number depending on the item the tag is going on. Chinoiserie Luggage Tags

Stationery Sets: We think that thank-you notes are extremely important. When was the last time you received a letter in the mail? Didn’t it make you feel special knowing that someone took the time to handwrite a letter to you? Whether it is to show appreciation, to say I love you, or just because, everyone should have a personalized set of note cards. Chinoiserie Note Cards

Dinner & Salad Plates: Tell me that these melamine plates aren’t the most adorable things you’ve ever laid eyes on! Melamine is perfect for outdoor entertaining since the plates are extremely durable and do well outside. We love to mix and match patterns to personalize bridal showers, baby showers, and tea parties!

10″ Chinoiserie Dinner Plates

8″ Chinoiserie Salad Plates

Let us know what you think and which products are your favorite!

Southern Hospitality Company


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