Wedding Party Gifts

We have dreamed about planning Ashlyn’s wedding for the longest time. Over the years we have collected countless wedding and bride magazines and have had endless conversations day dreaming about that perfect day. Many Pinterest boards later, our styles and taste have changed and it is finally our time to plan!

Ashlyn got engaged this Spring in Oxford, Mississippi, where she went to school with her fiance, Cole. They had gone back to visit and planned to see the Rebels play baseball. We had the hardest time keeping the secret from her because as a mother-daughter team, we see each other literally every single day. Imagine keeping that from your best friend. She had no idea we too had made the trek from Georgia to Mississippi right behind her (Cole’s family also drove up from south MS to be a part of the day). She had absolutely no idea the proposal was coming! What an amazing day it was being surrounded by family and loved ones.

Now that we’ve had a little time to digest the engagement, we have started the process of planning. Ashlyn and Cole both knew from the start exactly who they wanted to have stand by their sides on this special day. After reaching a decision on a date and venue, they decided it was time to ask their friends and family to be a part of their wedding party.

Ashlyn chose six of her closest friends to be bridesmaids and two of her sweet little cousins as junior bridesmaids. We started by getting very thick and durable kraft colored boxes from Target that measure 12″ x 10″ x 3.5″. You want to make sure that the box you select is strong enough to hold the contents of the package without breaking, bending, or warping from condensation.

The package was gently tied together with a 1.5″ solid navy  grosgrain ribbon that can be bought in 25 yard spools in our shops. We monogrammed each gift tag with the initials of each bridesmaid to add a touch of personalization to the package. We chose the circle font in navy since it was bolder and easier to read. The entire wedding theme we want to create a very crisp feeling.

Bottle 12

We then headed over to the grocery store where we hunted mini champagne bottles with gold foil. The gold foil was important to us since our wedding theme will have hints of gold throughout the event. We made custom labels to ask the ladies the most important questions of all. We tied a knot with the grosgrain ribbon to give the bottle a polished look.

We then personalized all six names in navy and applied them to the stemless champagne glasses as seen below. To tie in that gold from the champagne bottle’s foil, we added a gold and white paper straw that can also be found at Target to each glass.

Flute 9

We chose to write the first names instead of monogramming the glasses since the flute is tall. We wanted to highlight the length instead of having a circular small monogram. The monogram/personalization can be done either way and in any color you wish.

From here we bought a scented tin candle for each girl. The great thing about these candles is that they can be purchased in countless different scents. This was another way to personalize the box. Some of the girls enjoy more of a fruity smell and others prefer a rustic or natural scent. We chose the candle that best represented each friend’s taste.

Candle 2

We use that same grosgrain ribbon to wrap each tin candle. We created a custom “logo” that included the initials of both Ashlyn and Cole along with their wedding date and wedding hashtag. How cute is #WaltersToTheAltar???

Group 2

Bottle 11

Lastly we filled each box with kraft crinkle paper and gently placed each item in it’s place. If you have out of town guests, please remember that shipping alcohol of any variety is illegal. Don’t let a fun gift idea go south! Ashlyn made dates with each sweet woman to personally give the gifts.

For the boys, we decided to stick with the same theme of kraft paper. Cole is a very classic “southern gentleman” and loves a good cigar with the boys. The cardstock is about 11″ long and 4″ wide with rounded corners.

Groom 5

Check out the back of the cardstock. We added corrugated kraft paper to the back in order to add a textured element that also made it thicker and stronger. We tied the cigars by punching two holes in the card stock and fastening them in with twine.

We hope you enjoyed this post! Subscribe to our blog to get more details and helpful hints to planning and hosting your parties. If you want us to help create custom designs and items for your event, shoot us a message with details and we’ll be so thrilled to help. Oh and here’s our family the day of the engagement. We’re growing rapidly!


Julie & Ashlyn

Southern Hospitality Company

Instagram: @SouthernHospitalityCo


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